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As your loved one grows older, they might need more care than you can provide at home. They need someone to make sure they take their medications, to help them prepare meals, and to take care of tasks like cleaning. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide this type of care, helping to ease the burden on you and on your loved one. When putting your loved one into a nursing home, you probably have a lot of questions. How do you find the best home? What can they bring with them? You'll discover the answers to these questions, along with a whole lot more information, in the articles we've provided here.


How To Celebrate Special Events When Your Loved One Lives In Assisted Living

If you have a loved one residing in an assisted living facility, it can be hard for them as special occasions come up. No matter the level of your loved one's mobility or health, making them feel loved and cared for on those special days is so important to their physical and mental health. The following are some tips to help your elderly loved ones feel loved and special while they are living in an assisted living facility.

Put Up Festive Decorations

One way to help celebrate a special occasion with a loved one is to decorate their living space. You do not have to go overboard with the décor, but adding some small touches to the space can be really special. You can decorate a tree during the holidays. If it is your loved one's birthday, get some balloons and banners. Keep in mind that you need to be sure to take it down once the occasion is over. You do not want to leave the decorations up, as it may be difficult for your loved ones to take them down on their own.

Make a Special Meal

If your loved one has a favorite meal or enjoys a certain restaurant, surprising a loved one with a good meal on a special occasion can be uplifting for them. This is especially nice if your loved one cannot leave their home. Not only do they get to enjoy a favorite meal, but they get to spend some quality time with you.

Look Through Special Photos

If you are celebrating a special occasion, looking through old photos can be a wonderful way to celebrate. If it is your loved one's wedding anniversary, spend some time looking through wedding albums or scrapbooks. Photos from different holidays can be fun to look at during Christmas or other special holidays. Going down memory lane is a great way to lift spirits and celebrate special times from the past.

Take Part in Special Events at the Facility

If your loved one's assisted living facility has some special events occurring for special events that your loved one may not normally attend. These events, whether is it a holiday party, a potluck event, or game nights, can be fun, but they may not always make it to the events. You attending with them can help make them happy and encourage them to attend more often even when you are not there.

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